About Us

I live in a country where the climate is colder than most of the other places on the globe. Some places are guaranteed colder – we have actual summer from May to August, but we belongs enough to the cool places. But our country is beautiful – and we love it. And we love the summer, sun and heat – perhaps more than many others. Maybe because we very often hav «lots of weather». Here in Norway where I live, we are very concerned with the home and garden. It has probably a lot to do that we live spread. And because it is pretty cold here. We are probably more inside and at home than people in other parts of the globe. Therefore, most quite spacious house. Here it is also quite expensive, so for a family to go out to eat daily is quite unusual. On other parts of the globe, there’s probably more usual to eat out at the local eatery generally. Because climate permits. It fascinates me to write about house, home and garden because we have such different needs. Various challenges and lifestyle.

Home4garden will be in search of solutions and products that fill your needs. For you!

What will we write about – and what will you find here? Here you will find products that fit into your home and your garden. Here you will also find descriptions, assembly instructions and clever tips in your daily needs. Here you will see the needs that exist on our side of the globe, and we hope this page also see what kind of need there are other sides of the globe. It’s actually amazing products – that we may be not have heard about, and there are special solutions that are even better than the best we knew existed. We will constantly be in search of, and do you know anything – so please let us know. We hope that when our readers.

Why do we write about this?
A meeting place where people can talk about challenges they face in their countries, can give us more knowledge of what exists. We have different needs. Because we live and live differently. And we are in different stages of life. We are concerned with how people perceive the situation where those lives. We are concerned and share what we know – that you maybe did not know. And we hope someone will share with us what we showed. Sharing knowledge, sharing services, sharing products!